August 8th, 2009

And that's the way it is


Reading discussion at I’ve realised (once again hélas)

how much people in general and Russians in particular are unaware of elementary rules of right nutrition and working out.


Thus my decision is to try within my modest possibilities to dissipate obscurity in the matter, and so help me GOD.




What actually is the main people’s concern now?  Obviously majority is preoccupied if not obsessed by exterior shape first. Health is playing subaltern role which is fully reflecting vanity reign in our society.  People prefer to look then to be.


In the meantime the right order of priorities is as follows:



Mental strength

Physical strength

Exterior shape


I’m might be said that the above items are mutually related and inseparable.  

It is true but to some extent only.

Actually it is quite possible to look like a superman and being completely rotten inside.

Many professional bodybuilders are.


What is the most efficient, safe and simple exercise in the world?

It is walking.


So walk as much as possible.

But do it calmly, with no hurry, holding your moves under control trying to imagine how you look from outside. Yes, you should be in a certain sense like actors on the stage. 


Mastering self-control is necessary basis to building solid mental strength as well.